Limestone Baptist Church

Our Ministries

Are you looking for a way to get more connected? Participate in a Limestone Ministry. It is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and grow spiritually in Christ. Limestone's ministries are open to anyone willing to utilize the talents that God has blessed them with.



The purpose of this ministry is to restore the structure of family as it is ordained by GOD. Family represents structure and order in GOD’s will. Our Family Ministry deals with the areas of Finance, Budgeting, Home Mortgages, Taxes, Wills & Trusts, and field trip experiences.


This ministry desires to help single men and women cope with the pressures of being single (all ages) in a promiscuous society. This ministry addresses hard core issues which singles are faced with every day such as premarital sex, sex, teenage pregnancy, single pregnancy, dating and other issues which the church should offer guidance. We minster the word of GOD in each of these subjects so you may know His will for you in these areas of your life.


Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”. This ministry is committed to being obedient to GOD’s word. Our focus is to expose children as early as possible to GOD by teaching them about Christ, Salvation, and Prayer through the word.

We want to prepare teenagers to become leaders for today and tomorrow. Offer them alternative living other than life filled with gangs, drugs and violence. GOD, in His word, has given them a better life if their minds and hearts are given to GOD. GOD’s word will teach them to honor thy Father and Mother, how to avoid violence.

This ministry will also help young adults to be able to move into being adults in every area of their life as they reach the age of 18-25 years of age. We want GOD’s word to lead you into adulthood, prepare you to serve GOD at home, work, as well as church.

Media/Audio Ministry

Media/Audio Ministry Mission

The mission of the Limestone Baptist Church Media Ministry is to provide members, fellow believers, non-believers, and who so ever has and ear to ear an audio and visual record of the inspirational messages of God’s divine wisdom and the teachings of His son, Jesus Christ, as they are preached and taught. The ministry is intended to provide a means of receiving the word of God and encouragement to the sick and shut-in, support in biblical study, as well as a means in which the word of God may be carried and preached throughout all the world.

Media/Audio Ministry Responsibilities

  • Preparation of microphones, audio, and video equipment for Sunday worship and bible studies.
  • The recording, duplication, and distribution of Sunday worship and bible study messages.
  • The organization and storing of all media equipment, devices, and recordings.

Media/Audio Ministry Qualifications

  • A member of the body of Limestone
  • 15 years of age or older
  • Regularly attend Sunday services and bible study
  • Devoted to completing all training and carrying out of the media ministry responsibilities

Our Mission

Limestone is a church on a mission; on a mission for Jesus Christ. The Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) must be our rule and guide. Jesus’ instructions call for us to:

  • Proclaim to our community and world the saving activity of GOD in Christ Jesus,
  • Teach people the Word of God in order to equip them to be better disciples,
  • Worship GOD and serve Him,
  • Minister in Jesus’ name to the needs of people.
  • Apply GOD’s Word.